I have a different understanding of the term "Music, Beauty, dogs and horses" from people's general understanding. I don't understand why sometimes such four beautiful things are put together and underrated?

As a dog and horse lover in the name of a sculptor, I raised six German Shepherds and a Great Dane; I spent three years living in Shanghai Equestrian Sports Center to observe horses. Sad, unforgettable, even physically and mentally exhausted, it is difficult to retrospect, it has accumulated rich theoretical support and emotional experience for my creation. I am struck by the fearlessness, sense of humor and strength that are often hard to come by in humans. Whenever my dog smiles and presses his big paw solemnly into my hand; whenever a tall thoroughbred lowers his handsome head, with his big, clear eyes behind the long eyelashes, it often makes me deeply moved whenever looking at me...

Each of us has been hurt and let down by our kind, but I dare say that these lovely animals will not, they will hurt me the most and only once is it the final separation with me.....”

Looking Back

"Standing on its four legs, preparing to travel around the world, looking forward to looking back.  It reminds the viewer how far in the past can be seen will allow you to see in the future, soft and elegantly though containing infinite power.


"It seems to appear on the grassy slope under the green grass, and walks 'rationally and romantically'. It makes people wonder whether it is a sculpture or a peek at it. And this allows the audience to inadvertently reconsider where the sculpture is located in a context. Obviously, the audience has become an unimportant factor in the process of the work's meaning taking effect.

The Thous River Mountain

Giving up the desire to conquer, listening to the voice of spirituality of the world, and taking care of the common home

Your song

I met this horse twenty years ago. He is one of the nearly 100 horses in the Shanghai Equestrian Sports Center, number 185. This horse is extremely important to me, and I made this artwork to commemorate the days we spent together.


Where language disappears, there is a hidden meaning to pursue.


"Staying still, he is so calm, yet he shows an incomparably firm and eternal attitude; under all seemingly straight and honest gestures, there is an undisguised fearless calm and courage. It is naturally a masterpiece of creation, a living sculpture.





The same named after Maugham's novel. 

The author of this work spent half a year and revised the draft many times until he was finally satisfied with the final draft. "Art is a science that quantifies emotion, and an artist should be someone who is both rich in emotion and also is capable controlling emotion in creation." It's like a powerful car must have good handling and braking at the same time. As a person, no one is willing to admit that they are shy, but I have to admit that I am; as a man, no one is willing to admit that they are sentimental, but I also have to admit that I am too. This self-contradictory character has made me suffer a lot, but it has made me less likely to fail in my creation, the principle of which has been described in the foreword. This work was made six drafts before and after, in other words, it missed five times. The reason is that I didn't control my emotions well, so I opened the airbag five times.

Whenever I think of dogs, I think of German Shepherds, whenever I think of German Shepherds, I think of the six German Shepherds I have, and whenever I think of the six German Shepherds I have, I can't help but cry. The six dogs usually can accompany a person for a whole life, but the six dogs have only accompanied me for six years... I really don't have the courage to tell the experience, but there is always something special I want to say, so I decided to make a sculpture to express it. I named this sculpture "Blade" in order to make a break with those lingering memories.

Here I would like to say to those friends who are afraid of giving up their true feelings: if possible, get a German Shepherd, you will get a true friend who has no complaints, only joy; no grievances, only repentance; no doubts, only firm beliefs.”

On Top of the wilderness

This year's third work is exactly the same set as the geometrically decorated bull made in the previous year of the ox (the action shape is basically symmetrical)


Looking at this flamboyant Red Bull standing quietly, the unambiguous points, sharp lines, and surfaces, in the instant dynamic capture, concise and unforgettable. Here you see the bullfighter turned into a sculpture-like red fighting bull, like a brave god of war, with the power to break through everything. This is the strongest note of the visual sonata, with endless aftertastes.

Walking Alone

The perceptual temperament in a quiet, solitary and subtle form constructs the eternity of natural life in a flowing and poetic form.

马球 NO.1
马球 NO.2
You Afar

Looking at you from afar, standing there silently amid the chaos and noise, as if you are aware of my fiery gaze, turning your head gently, leaving me helpless. So I turned around and hiding in my own world, putting the incredible beauty piece by piece together in the darkness with the shutting doors and windows. 

From now on, my world is full of light again—because of you standing there from afar.


When I was a child, my parents quoted an old saying to teach me to cherish the time: "Life is like a white horse passing through a gap, and all happen likes in a second"

Even though I have spent most of my life in anticipation, hesitation and busy with my artworks, I am lucky enough as I am walking on the road that leads to happiness in my heart. Looking back on all the setbacks and hardships in the past, I feel extremely happy and lucky.